Turtles, Turtles, Turtles!

You know how things seems to come in waves? Like, the other day I saw three turtles in one day. We live in the woods, but even though the shelled reptiles are doing fine around here it’s rare to see more than one or two a year. They just aren’t very sociable.  Like me. Tuesday […]

Just Ask!

  In the process of improving one’s life, most of us try to go it alone. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes we get desperate enough to look for help. We want someone either to do it for us (which of course will never work), or to just guide us in the best general […]

Your Subconscious: Friend or Foe?

  There’s a lot of talk nowadays about “manifesting”. In a nutshell, we’re told that if we think positive thoughts, we’ll get what we want. Of course there are some “abundance teachers” who are somewhat realistic about this concept, and suggest that action is required. But the emphasis is always on “being” who you want […]

Soul Connections

It was 1990 or thereabouts, and I had just been hired by a new (to me) civil engineering  firm to join their construction inspection and project management team.  It was a pretty good gig for me at the time; half outdoors, half office work, and I pretty much could set my own schedule.   It was a mid-sized firm.  Out […]

Enjoy Your Self!

When somebody asks you if you had a good time (like if you went on a vacation to Hawaii, say), they ask “did you enjoy yourself?”   What they’re really asking is whether you  enjoyed the beach, the food, the experience.  All the stuff around you when you were on vacay.  More like, “did that […]

The Virtues of Impatience

The Virtues of Impatience   I’ve written and spoken quite a lot about how Patience is one of the universal life lessons – the ones that we all need to learn.  When you can be patient the rewards are many.  All things come to those who wait, etc. But according to the Law of Polarity, […]

Owning it All, and No Going Back

Sometimes I want to punch my Higher Self right in the nose. If he has a nose, that’s where I would punch him. I haven’t actually punched anybody since 8th grade, and that was in self defense. But still… I get so pissed at old HS because I know that he is the one who […]

Let’s Get Real

  You hear it all the time from the spiritual/coaching community: step up! Be seen! Spread your message! Be all that you can be (thanks to the US Army for that one)! Inspiring indeed. And true… we should all constantly be growing, learning, evolving, and using our own particular talents to the greatest degree possible. […]

Are You P*ssed Off? Great!

  When we think of negative “energy” within ourselves, what comes to mind? Depression, anxiety, fear? Those are all indeed dream-killers. Learning to control those emotions (and the thoughts that they provoke) is probably the most basic step as we begin to truly take control of our own lives. You simply cannot focus on solutions […]

To What Do You Pay Attention?

    I used to love those cartoons where the character had a little devil on one shoulder, and an angel on the other.  In most cases they were miniatures of the main character.  A little Goofy with horns on one shoulder, one with a halo on the other.  Usually the halo one ended up […]

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