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In the process of improving one’s life, most of us try to go it alone. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes we get desperate enough to look for help. We want someone either to do it for us (which of course will never work), or to just guide us in the best general direction with wise advice and new ideas. But 99% of us won’t hire someone for that because we’re afraid.  Afraid that it’s a scam and won’t help… afraid that it’s not a scam but we won’t be able to take advantage of it. Or maybe we’re just fearful that the investment in ourselves will be money that we need to hold tightly, “just in case”. On that point I would note that your energy then is reinforcing the idskyea that there will never be enough. Not good.

But OK, let’s just accept that many of us are in such a state of lack that we don’t trust enough to feel secure about the future. We can’t even step up enough to risk spending money on ourselves – even if it’s on something that would change the rest of our time here on Earth for the better. We’re stuck and afraid to change, and the fear shows up as procrastination or not knowing what to do next. We tell ourselves that we want positive change – more purpose, more money, more time, more relationships – but we don’t want to change ourselves sufficiently to have those things.

To be clear, what you have around you right this minute is because you are who you are. After all, if you were someone else, things would of course be different. Make sense? Well from that it would appear that you need to become someone else to have something else. Your “energy”, your thoughts, your emotions are all stuck in a holding pattern. You’re in a whirlpool going around and around. In the center of the whirlpool is a void that sucks everything out of you. You stay in that pattern, and nothing changes because all of your vital life force is literally going down the drain.

So now it becomes a matter of summoning just enough energy from yourself to stick out your arm and change direction or grab onto something (someone) to steady you and get you out of that powerful pattern – and back in control.

Either way you need to start somewhere. Somewhere is where you really are right now, not where you think you are or where someone tells you that you are. It’s not too tough. Just honestly view yourself as others do and you’ll see that part clearly. Then, look inside and rummage around a but and find what feels good. Maybe it’s something you’re drawn to, but you’re also afraid to do it. In every case, cancel out the fear. Ignore it and imagine doing the thing as if you weren’t afraid. Does it feel good? OK, you’ve found one action or direction. Keep doing it.

In one of the Harry Potter movies, the have an exercise where the kids physically conjure up their worst fears. The lesson was about how to vanquish those fears. The method? Laugh at them. See them for how ridiculous they really are. Try it in your own way and I guarantee they’ll slink off into the night. Gone.

“This sh*t doesn’t work!”

OK so anyway bottom line, suppose you’ve been doing this stuff for awhile and it just ain’t happening. You’ve been positive (or so you think). You’ve taken new actions, maybe even scary ones. Taken courses, met new people, became more outgoing, just in general really made an effort. And still, ain’t nothing going on.

Here’s what to do:

Ask. No, really. It doesn’t say “Wish and ye shall receive”. It says “Ask”, which is an active word, unlike hope or wish. Hoping and wishing will get you squat. Asking means putting it out there effectively and in the best case, you ask out loud.

Personally, I feel that we each are Creator, and quite powerful. Our thoughts and intentions are what make reality stick together. So, I used to figure that all I needed to do was to state my intention, and so it is done.

But again, it says “Ask”. Hmm. Just a Judeo-Christian fallacy? Or could it be right?

Turns out it’s right. I have found repeatedly that I can intend all I want, but when I remember to Ask, sometimes the response is almost instantaneous. Poof!

What I figure is that Asking is part of our mechanism of creation. The human “you” is asking the Divine “you” for help, in a way. Since you are God (Consciousness, Source, Spirit, etc.), you’re not begging anyone for anything. You’re just unleashing the power of the whole you and its direct access to powerful creative forces.

Ask out loud. Invoke whatever you believe in to help deliver what you want. Chances are that you won’t be waiting all that long.

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