Enjoy Your Self!

When somebody asks you if you had a good time (like if you went on a vacation to Hawaii, say), they ask “did you enjoy yourself?”
What they’re really asking is whether you  enjoyed the beach, the food, the experience.  All the stuff around you when you were on vacay.  More like, “did that physical experience bring enjoyment to yourself?”pic
So here’s the thing though: whatever happens “externally” is only perceived by you internally.  If you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist.  (Side note: your senses transmit information to your brain… therefore that information is only as good as your senses allow.  If you don’t see colors, then colors do not exist.).
It’s true of your “emotional sense”, too.  Emotion colors what you see: one man’s trash is another’s treasure, etc.  You may see a mother and a baby.  Your emotions might make you feel warm and happy… or you don’t care for kids and are glad you don’t have any.  Same info input (seeing the people), totally different experiences of it.
Bottom line here is that you are seeing what you see, and how you experience it is pretty much up to you.  There are a lot of points along the way where your final perception of an incident can be redirected.  So you can’t depend on external things to “enjoy”.
BUT: there’s a whole wide world inside yourself not needing interpretation, and it’s 100% reliable.  It’s your imagination, your logic, your beliefs and your lightbulbs going on.  And these can be immensely entertaining.
When I was a kid, I had mind games.  One was when I imagined that I was an alien, just arrived on  Earth.  The fun was looking at things from a new perspective:  what did a flyswatter look like if you had no idea what it was for?
I also varied that by replacing aliens with people from the past or future, etc.
I watch people and try to figure them out.  Here I also use my imagination because I could be wildly off about who they are and what they are like.  But still, it’s fun.
Anyhow what I’m saying is that you know people who could come home from Hawaii and just shrug, and you know people who would take the experience and ingest it, manifest it into the only reality there is for us: the mind.  That’s where the action is for real.  Don’t simply pass your body through some experience and come out the other side.  Engage your imagination, take it all in and create a memory.  We’re here to have experiences and experiencing them fully is where it’s at for our Purpose.
There are many material things and experiences that can bring enjoyment… or they can bring exactly the opposite  What makes the difference is between your ears and in your heart.  Wherever you go, there you are.  The best way to enjoy yourself is to enjoy your Self.

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